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"Honor, Courage, Commitment"




Home of

The *Specialists*




This site documents the ongoing history of the *Specialists* Squadron through the posting of our weekly missions and de-briefings. Plenty of hi-resolution screenshots of the action as well as films of our missions can be found in the mission vault.


The Specialists formed in November 1996 on AOL (America Online) with the release of AW4W (Air Warrior for Windows). This was a time when the internet was still relatively new and it cost $3/hour to fly. And fly we did!


The squadron grew quickly under the leadership of Commanding Officer and Founder Darks, and Executive Officer TC3. Her ranks composed of some of the finest virtual online pilots.


The *Specialists* have been battling it out in the virtual skies for over 17 years. 2014 will be our 18th year flying together (in November). We can be found flying on Tuesday nights at 21:00 (9pm) EST on Aces High in the Titanic Tuesday arena.


Enjoy the site and...


Good Hunting! <S>



The *Specialists* in B17's on another mission with P51D's for escorts.







*The Six Pack Club*






Inside the wing of a B17














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Uploaded 2/14/2014



Specialists & Gunfighters
Bring Bish a Hive



RTS 6-Pack #2 landed 15 October 2013 during squad night!



Memphis, Murphy, & Martinelli's
-Special Mission AAR-



W   A   R   B    I   R   D         V   I    D   E   O'  S



The Mission Vault


The mission vault contains the mission debriefings and actual screen shots of our squad nights each week.



Air Warrior Museum



The Worlds First Online Air Warrior Museum contains digitized memorabilia of the game that started it all.



FW190 Screenshots/Data


The swift and deadly

 Focke-Wulf 190 Series




The Liberty Belle - B17

FW190.org proudly presents the B17 Liberty Belle Photo Collection


13 June 2011

The Liberty Bell B17 Ditches and is


The Memphis Belle-B17


The Memphis Belle at Cherokee County Airfield, GA


US Navy Aircraft Recognition Training Slides

 The USS Squalus and USS Sculpin Submarine Slides

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